Chartering a sailboat in Croatia is a great idea for an active holiday for the entire family or group of friends.
Abundance of sun and breathtaking landscapes will make sailing in the Adriatic a memorable experience for all the participants of the adventure. Sailing season lasts here from early May until late October. Temperatures reach even 28 degrees centigrade in July.
Our team is here to ensure that chartering of your sailboat will be as easy and stress free as possible. We’re gladly sharing our knowledge and experience. We help you take care of all formalities, facilitate check in and check out and offer support during the course of your entire cruise (regardless if it is a minor defect or some severe malfunction). We’ve got no hidden costs or cloggy phrases in terms and conditions. Safety and satisfaction of our customers are our ultimate priority.

Our offer consists of equally safe and comfortable yachts Hanse. These modern and forgiving vessels will serve you well in various conditions.



In order to charter bareboat yacht in Croatia you must have a recognized yacht skipper certificate of competence (RYA Day Skipper, ASA 104, PYA Yacht Skipper etc.) and VHF Short Range Certificate – in order to be able to operate the radio. Alternatively to sailing qualifications you may take part in Croatian sailing training, where upon successful completion you’d receive Croatian Voditelj Brodice certificate of competence. This certificate allows to sail on sailboats and motorboats and use VHF on Croatian territorial waters..
Some of the charter companies require copies of the qualification prior to the beginning of the cruise.

When to charter
Sailboats in Croatia are usually chartered between mid-April until mid-November. Charters are for a minimum of one week and start and end on a Saturday..
Peak season is in July and August when charter prices are the most expensive.

Sailboat size
While searching for a holiday yacht it is worth paying attention to the quantity of cabins and bathrooms. Consider if you want part of your crew to sleep in a saloon?
Is it important for you to have furling mainsail and bow thruster? How much time will you spend swimming in the sea – you might need a swimming platform. Consider also if you need an outboard engine to the tender and wifi onboard?

Transit log
It is a compulsory fee paid while you check in on the boat. It covers all costs related to the preparation of the yacht to charter: gas cylinders, bed linen, cleaning after completed cruise. Our transit log fee is a lump sum of 170 EUR.

While you check in you’ll be required to deposit 1000 – 5000 EUR. The deposit is in case of a need for ad hoc maintenance of damaged equipment or purchase of a lost one. The sailboats are insured to cover any cost higher than the deposit. The deposit is paid whilst checking in for a charter – by cash or a credit card. If there are no damages – deposit is returned after a completed cruise.

In case you are afraid of losing the deposit you may insure it. The service costs between 100 – 400 EUR / week and is paid at the beginning of the charter.

Bear in mind that insurance does not cover:

  • Delayed return from the trip
  • Costs of returning the yacht in the other harbour than agreed
  • Damages caused under influence of alcohol
  • Consumed fuel
  • Engine damage caused by missing engine oil
  • Sail damage

We offer internet access onboard the vessel – USB stick or wireless wifi access.
Please remember about bringing your own laptop.

Tender engine
Engine is not a basic yacht equipment and is additionally paid. It is worth ordering it in advance. Price is 100 EUR/ week.

You may count on additional discounts when:

  • You’re our returning customer and used our services at least once before
  • You’ve booked a charter during the fair
  • You’ll charter for more than a week
  • You’re benefiting from LAST MINUTE or FIRST MINUTE offer

Children onboard
Should you plan to bring little children with you, we may install additional baby safety net.
At a cost of 120 EUR.

If you have chosen a yacht – BOOK NOW!

Bookings can be done on our website, or you may get in touch with us to confirm your choice or prepare personalized offer for you.

Phone, online and e-mail offers are valid for the maximum period of three days. Within three days you’ll receive charter agreement which need to be signed and sent back to us. In parallel you’re required to pay 50% of the price in advance. We accept payments in EUR or PLN (sales exchange rate of Polish National Bank from the date of signing the contract). Remaining amount needs to be transferred to us 30 days prior to the embarkation the latest.

Upon completion of the payments you’ll receive an invoice and a Boarding Pass – a document which entitles you to take over the yacht.

Handover day

The long- awaited day of the begging of the cruise has finally come. Tired but happy you’re reaching marina and hope for a quick handover. First of all you’d need to proceed to our office, you should have received exact location together with a all other documents prior to the cruise.

Attention: should you come late, please let us know. We’ll let you know where the yacht is how to find it, and we’ll agree on the new handover time.

In order to facilitate the handover process, please be so kind to have with you:

  • Boarding pass – document confirming your eligibility to pick up a yacht
  • Your sailing documents (skipper certificate of competence and SRC VHF certificate)
  • Crew list – in case you have not sent it before
  • Money / credit cards

In the office you may cover all necessary payments. Usually these are

  • Deposit and insurance of the deposit
  • Transit log (known as “cleaning fee”)
  • Resident Tax
  • Additional services you’ve paid for
  • Marina fee in cases of one – way charters

In Croatia tourists are obliged to pay Tourist Tax, which in 2019 is 1.1 EUR ppd.

We’ll issue receipt for tendered tax, which is directly sent to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.

Children below 12 y.o. And persons with disabilities are exempted from the payment of the tax.

Children between 12 – 18 y.o. Are having 50% discount from the base rate.

Acceptable means of payment: cash, credit card, debit card.

It may occasionally occur, that there will be few crews waiting for a handover in the same, short period of time. In this situation we’ll show you your vessel and provide you with a checklist so you may get yourself familiar with hers equipment and shape. We’ll agree as well the hour of the formal handover.,

Technical handover of the yacht usually lasts between one to two hours.

It is important that you make yourselves familiar with all the onboard systems and compare the equipment with our list (Polish and English). In case you charter the yacht first time ever it is worth figuring out what to look at during the handover. This way you may avoid potentially stresful situation during the cruise.

In case you notice any damages or discrepancies in the onboard equipment we kindly ask you to report them immediately. If damage does not impact seaworthiness (i.e. paint damage on the bow), you may pick up a yacht but make sure that you record it in the handover form. Handover form is used later on once you finish your cruise.

When handover is completed you should make your crew familiar with the circuit breakers on the mainboard, show them how to use the toiles, shower pumps, gas installation, main and genoa furlers.

Each person onboard needs to be aware where is the safety equipment and how to operate it. Making crew aware of all the elements above will increase their safety and reduce possibility of damaging the boat during the cruise.

Occasionally it may happen that after the week with severe weather conditions many yachts are returning to the base with damages which may require involvement of the majority of our technical team. We’re doing our best that it will not impact your charter but it may happen, that you’ll need to wait a bit longer for your yacht.

Usually yacht handover happens after 5 p.m. In case you’d like to board earlier – we make it possible as additional service: early check in at 1p.m. Price of such service varies between 100 to 160 EUR, requires earlier notification and is subject to availability of the yacht.

We’re issuing invoices upon completion of the charter. Should you wish to receive the invoice please inform us, while boarding the yacht.

In case you’d like to check out already on Friday, please let us know during the handover. We’ll organize check out on Friday evening.

Before you leave the harbour, please make sure that you know the fueling station is located