Privacy policy

Below you’ll find the information on how we use, store and transfer your personal data, how we use cookies, and how you can contact us in case of any doubts or questions.

Below statement about privacy protection is relevant to all kind of information gathered by our web pages, email and social media.

Following article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 issued on the 27th of April 2016 about the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive) published in EU Journal L119, 4 May 2016, p. 1–88 we inform that:

  1. 1. Administrator of your personal data is Charter4fun Limited Liability sp. Z o.o. With its seat in Szczecin, Przestrzenna 23, 70-800 Szczecin, tel. 0048 508 686 933
  2. 2. Your personal data will be processed in order to complete civic agreement between you and Charter4fun Sp. zo.o.
  3. 3. Your personal data will be processed for the period necessary to complete the above mentioned agreement taking into consideration periods of archiving and storage of the data as described in other legislation.
  4. 4. Legal basis for processing of your personal data is article 6, paragraph 1 subparagraph b of the abovementioned regulation.
  5. 5. Receivers of your personal data are subjects, whom based on the other agreements process the data on behalf of the Administrator.

Person, whose data is processed, has a right to:

– Access to the data and possibility of its correction, limit processing and transferring the data as well as in cases foreseen by the regulation right to removal and right to object against processing of the data.

– Issuing complain to the the supervisory body in cases when processing the data happens with a violation of the above mentioned regulation. Supervisory body is: President of Data Protection Board, 2 Stawki Street, 00-193 Warsaw.

Transfer of the personal data is the compulsory condition for concluding the civic agreement with Charter4fun.
Consequence of refusal to transfer the personal data is inability to conclude the agreement.

Additionally, we inform that we don’t automatically process or profile your personal data as described in the article 22 of the abovementioned regulation.

If for any reason you do not agree with our privacy policy we urge you to stop using our service immediately.

In order to charter a yacht we’ll need the following information: name and family name, phone number, e-mail and address. We’ll also need information about citizenship, ID or passport number, date and place of birth, as well as type and number of sailing qualifications / certificates of competence. These data are essential to prepare the list of the crew. Some of these data will be used for insurance purposes, or booking a coach ticket. We also gather information about your payments in order to appropriately conclude our service.
In some cases we’ll also need copy of an ID card or Passport and documents confirming sailing qualifications.
Should you travel with a family or other accompanying persons, you’ll also be required to provide their data so we’re able to fulfill our contractual obligations. Please make sure that you’ve made them aware of it and they accept our Privacy Policy.

Even if you don’t book, we gather the information about your visit on our webpage: They consist of the following data: your IP address, date and hour of the visit, equipment and software or browser type you used to access our website. Operation System of your computer, version of the application and language settings.
We can also gather information about clicks on particular elements of the website and subpages you’ve visited.

In case you use mobile device we may gather information identifying it, settings and characteristics of it, location setting, application failure log and other system activities. Whenever you make a reservation our system records which devices you used and where your traffic originated from.

We may receive information about you and your data from the other sources. For example from external mailing system which reports us if you’ve opened e-mail we had sent, when and what device you used to do it, where were you at that time and what made you interested, meaning: which links you’ve clicked.

Main reason why we require the data is fairly simple: it allows us provide you with the service you intend to purchase from us. By having it we can confirm and manage your reservation, your participation in a cruise or a training. We use your data to execute orders placed in our shop, book transfers or coach tickets and insure you for the period of the event.

In addition we provide 24/7 service. In order to provide you with the assistance we need to have the overview of your personal data so we’re able to get in contact with you promptly in all cases of force majeure or act of God.

We’re using your data for our marketing activities. In case you’ve agreed to that, we may send you a newsletter. Remember, that anytime you may unsubscribe by clicking relevant link (“unsubscribe”) which can be found on the bottom of each newsletter.

Whenever you participate in promotional activities such as raffles and lotteries relevant information will be used to administer these promotions.

We analyze your activity on our website to prepare individual offers or adverts which may appear on the web pages / applications of the third parties. These are so called re-marketing activities.

Your personal data are used as well for statistical purposes, and analysis in order to respond to your needs better. It will be enough for you to say: “I want a boat like I had last year” and we’ll know what to do and how to personalize your offer.

It may happen we’ll get in contact with you using: traditional mail, e-mail, telephone – it will depend on the contact data you’ve left us earlier. Most frequently we’ll contact you in order to:

  • Respond to your query
  • Manage reservation process which will include signing the agreement and filling out crew list
  • Reminder about payment
  • Providing you with pre-cruise information useful in travel planning and organizing the cruise (boarding passes, information about the base)
  • Asking you for feedback about our service

Whenever we transfer your data to a third parties, it will always be done in order to fulfill our contractual obligation of chartering the boat or participation in the trip or provision of the additional services.

In justified cases your data may be transferred (but not limited) to:

  • Our business partners and subcontractors in order to complete charter agreement
  • Financial institutions responsible for transfer of the payment
  • Insurance agents
  • Transportation companies
  • Courier companies and post offices
  • Accountants
  • Company responsible for conducting the exams
  • Companies responsible for the marketing (also online marketing and newsletters)
  • Company hosting our website and providing IT services
  • Translators, lawyers, notaries
  • Relevant authorities acknowledging the crew manifests

Our subcontractors are bond with the Non – Disclosure Agreements and are not authorized to use the data for any other purposes.

Type of the data transferred to subcontractors depend on the service provided by them. As long as it is required by the law, we transfer personal data to the police, courts, attorneys as well as financial institutions for the purposes of prevention and prosecution of criminal activities and frauds.

Social Media service Facebook is integrated with our website. After logging in to your account on Facebook you may place an opinion on our website and fan page. We encourage to share views about: charters, cruises, trainings skippers and commenting our blog posts. Such activity requires displaying your name, family name and your Facebook profile picture on our website. You’ve got as well a possibility of clicking “like” or “share” buttons below our posts. Your social media supplier may merge these information with your account in social media in order to present these actions to other people in your network. The way Facebook works is dependent on your privacy settings in your profile.

Social media are used as well in order to promote our products and services by i.e. re-marketing activities.

As per Bill from 10th of May 2018, about personal data protection, we’re following appropriate security policies and procedures in order to protect the data transferred to us. We’re utilizing high quality IT Security tools in order to protect data stored on our servers. Only trained and authorized personnel have access to your data while performing their duties.

You always have the right to verify, view, review, modify, update and correct of your personal data by sending the e-mail to the address:

You may contact us if you believe that data we possess is incorrect, if you believe we’re no longer authorized to use them or if you have any questions relating to the Privacy Policy.

You’ve got the right to file a complaint to our supervisory body (at the moment it is President of Board of Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych).

Anytime you may request transferring of your personal data to any other company offering service similar to ours, which in practice means that you may request erasing your personal data.

Responsible for processing and control of your personal data is Chater4fun Sp.z.o.o (ltd.) with its seat in: 23 Przestrzenna street, 70-800 Szczecin, Poland. Tax ID:955-250-43-64.

We’ll not store your data for a period longer than it is necessary to finalize our service. Access to your data allows us preparation of the discounts and issue your confirmation of the cruise.

Cookies are a little portion of data placed in the browser. Cookies and other tracking technologies may be used on our websites.

Information gathered this way are used in general for statistical purposes. They enable better preparation of the websites to match preferences and expectations of the uses. Cookies are not used to identify users. We’re not using data for profiling.

Our websites utilize cookies for various purposes:

Technical cookies: as we try to share with our users modern, user friendly and technologically advanced website which will automatically match user’s expectation. In order to achieve it, we use technical cookies in order to display our content properly.

Cookies analytics: we utilize this type of cookie files in order to gather the insights on how our users utilize our websites. It means that we may get to know what works and what doesn’t, optimize and develop our websites, check efficiency of advertising and communication in order to deliver relevant and interesting content. Data gathered by us may consist of: visited websites, links (in and out), your browser typing, platform used by you, e-mails you opened and executed, and dates.

Our websites consist Google Analytics code for display advertises in order to prepare personalized re-marketing lists in order to prepare customized and individualized advertising content all over Google advertising network.

All modern browsers allow blocking and erasing cookies. More information on that in technological documentation of browser’s manufacturers